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The MTV VMAs this weekend missed the opportunity to award the best music video translation of 2019's key fashion trends. We're here to correct this inexcusable omission. See what should have won ....

Despite the fact that flexing rap videos and wearing highly-coppable streetwear is nothing new, Octavian's minimalist black-and white clip for Bet from early this year deserves special recognition for its ridiculous clothing credits. Octavian, Michael Phantom, and other guests switch out about 15 times in 3 minutes while standing and nodding.MCM Women Belts Outlet They wear Supreme balaclavas and Carhartt beanie hats. They also wear Cav Empt x Nike jackets and Patta x Dekmantel joggers. The other featured MC, Skepta, doesn't get changed at all because a) he's Skepta, and who's going to make him, and b) he's already rocking the heck out of 2019 utility-vest-and-bucket-hat angling chic, so what more do you need?

Orville Peck's stunning, Lynchian Mini-Western is the winner. You may think that Old Town Road and its superb video featuring Vince Staples would be in this category. But, as partial as we might be to Lil Nas X's modern take on nudie suits wearing cosmic American menswear, we give it to Orville's beautiful, Lynchian Mini-Western. The 'yeehaw moment' in pop culture (and the fashion industry's embrace of re-imagined ranch dressing that followed) was all about reclaiming Wild West images from their macho, sexist tradition. This was done both to be historically accurate and for a defiant act of culture-mashing. Peck's video - featuring cowgirls of color and queer cowmen, pick-up trucks, pole dancing and wonderful western shirts and cowprint jackets as well as fringed fetish masques - has it all.

Sexy Black Timberlake, the latest Channel Tres video,MCM Women Backpacks Outlet is a must-see for 2019. What about leopard print trousers with a graphic tee in off-white and dadcore sneakers? Sign us up. What about a yellow roll neck, tan checked chinos, stripes socks, and white Chuck Taylors. We're there. What's the combination of a white tee with a longline mustard cardigan, and cropped skater pants in charcoal? All day long. This is a 4-minute masterclass on how to look cool without appearing like you are trying.