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Education Loan Assistance

Considering the slim opportunity to secure financial sources fund to meet the financial requirements to study abroad, Druk EduCare can always assist to apply education loans.

Country/University Selection

We understand that it is a daunting task to choose a favorable country and education provider suitable for one's course and career opportunity. Thus, Druk EduCare's expertise can make a difference.

Changing Course/Providers

Druk EduCare does not encourage changing providers; and is not expected from our students as well. However, considering situations, sometimes changing courses or providers may become inevitable. At Druk EduCare, our consultants will extend our services to assist clients to review if decision to change course or institute is necessary; if yes, we are there to support your decision in consultation with current provider to minimize hinderance to our student's course progress and visa requirements (conditions apply).

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